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Godfrey Taxidermy & Studio

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Welcome to Godfrey Taxidermy & Studio.  We take pride in giving you and your trophy the best service available.  The materials that we use are nothing but top quality and we take no shortcuts in bringing your trophy back to life.  All of the tanning of hides is done in-house and therefore allows us to not only make sure the hides are treated properly, but also allows a very quick turnaround time, averaging 90-120 days.
I encourage you to call and set up an appointment to visit about our process and view my work in the studio.  Call (936)645-0815, or page (936)552-8436 to set up an appoinment.


     The process that we use at Godfrey Taxidermy is to truely tan the hide in house, we DO NOT use a preservative that will loose color or fall to pieces in a few years.  This enables us to have a much quicker turn around time, allowing your trophy to be home before you have even stopped telling stories about it! 

     My personal policy is that if your not 100% satisfied with the mount, then it doesn't leave until you are.  All my work is guaranteed, so why keep paying those high prices?


Before you send your trophy somewhere deserve it to yourself and your pocket book to come see our work!


You can e-mail us at:


Godfrey Taxidermy & Studio
1016 CR 503 Nacogdoches, Texas